Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wearing The Collar

I live with a lady and four cats
and some days we all get

some days I have trouble with
one of the

other days I have trouble with
two of the

other days,

some days I have trouble with
all four of the

and the

ten eyes looking at me
as if I was a dog.

By Charles Bukowski (1920 – 94)


Somehow this poem reminds me of one of mine. No, no, I am not comparing myself to him. No sir, he is so much better than me, hell I am not even a poet. ;p


dsnake1 said...

hi alson,
i see you are blogging again.

ah, Charles Bukowski.i like his work for his street-talk style.
remember i post something about him in TPT?


Anonymous said...

Interesting link, dsnake. I found out some time back that Bukowski doesn't seem to be much respected by some poetry circles. But he certainly goes about his own daring way of telling his stories.

- Liz

alson said...

hi dsnake,

Yup. But I’ve only started reading some of his poems recently, not bad at all.

alson said...

hi liz,

he was quite an interesting guy. I am going to read more of his works. :)