Friday, December 09, 2005

Freshly Chopped

Within an hour
two more frogs
are going
to die.

My wife has just
her craving
for their

I must go now.
It is unwise to keep
a hungry woman

She expects
them to be

Copyright 2005 Alson Teo
Instant Poetry
(Written on 25 November 2005, Friday)


Do you love instant noodles? It takes about 3 minutes to cook them. They can be quite delicious (even without adding other ingredients) especially if you are hungry or when payday is still 2 weeks away and you have only 20 dollars in your wallet.

In fact I also love writing instant poems. Just like the noodles, it takes about 3 minutes to complete. These poems come fast and furious, usually without warning. Stand in their way and they will send you flying to the moon. I love these poems because I don’t have to work too hard to complete them. Of course they are not excellent poems but like my other not-so-instant poems, they speak to me.

Usually when I start writing a poem I have no ideas how it will end. Through my subconscious it slowly reveals my hidden thoughts and emotions. For example Freshly Chopped is not about frog’s legs. No, it is about my relation with my wife. It is about the tensions in our marriage. It doesn’t sound like a happy marriage right? Of course not, our marriage is the one that was being “freshly chopped.” But sorry froggies but you are still going to die.

Have you guys seen our legs?

(Updated on 10 December 2005)


dsnake1 said...

Instant Poetry, that's a good one!
maybe i should try that too!

Fred said...

Cute cartoon and poem. And yes, I love instant noodles. It takes two and a half minutes in the microwave; my youngest loves them, too.

Alson Teo said...

Why not dsnake1? It will only takes you three minutes. :)

Maybe we should have a live instant poetry writing competition. :)

Alson Teo said...

Wow Fred! Really cute picture! :)

Yup they can be really delicious. I usually have an egg and some hams to go with it. Yummy!